{Revealed} Bigg Boss 10 host name Finalized | Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 10 Host – Finally the most awaited reality TV show for this year is back with its power packed 10th season soon to start on Colors in the month of Sep-Oct. The bigg boss 10 promo is already out and it has gained a huge positive response from the audience online. This season is expected to be more interesting and exciting than other seasons of bigg boss TV show as in this season there will not only be the Celebrities but there will also be people like us as common men and women’s in the show as participants. So this time it’s going to be to the common people by the common people and for the common people. But the Host for this season of bigg boss 10 is not a common person. Get to know more about the Host name for bigg boss 10 below.

There is no hiding from you regarding the name of the Host for bigg boss season 10 and yes the guess of you all fans is true its one and only true rocking host of the bigg boss ever “SALMAN KHAN”. Yes you heard it right this season’s host will be none other than Salman Khan who is hosting this show from quite a long time and he has been getting good fan following as well through this show.

Bigg Boss 10 host name Finalized | Salman Khan

Salman Khan - Bigg Boss season 10 Host Name | Host for bigg boss 10 :

Salman Khan is one of the biggest name and famous personalities in bollywood and with his stardom follows his Dabangg attitude which makes him apt for the role of the host of India’s greatest reality TV show Bigg Boss 10. There were many contestants of the bigg boss past seasons who has faced the anger of Salman Khan and few others who had experienced the extensive love and care from him. But whatever it maybe there is no one other than Salman Khan who suits as the Host for this show. Nowadays the synonym of Bigg Boss has become Salman Khan.

Salman Khan as the host for this season of bigg boss will appear on bigg boss 10 on every Saturday and Sunday and also will be featuring on the Grand premier of Bigg boss season 10 where he will introduce all the bigg boss season 10 contestant one by one in his style and make there way to the Luxurious Bigg Boss house.

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Every week the contestants inside the house will be waiting for Salman as host on weekends and every week there will be an eviction from the bigg boss house and he/she shall be not continuing their race of winning the greatest Reality TV show ever as a winner of bigg boss 10.
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Who is the Host for Bigg Boss 10 ? Salman Khan Bigg boss season 10 :

There have been many rumors and circulations around social media and news sites that Salman will be not doing the next season of Bigg Boss as a host but every year he surprises his fans by giving his best on the show. Hence like you we also expect that this show also becomes hit and provides more entertainment than the previous seasons.

Bigg boss host as SULTAN
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Salman Khan has been the host of bigg boss since Season 4 and he has been continuing till today. He has completed 6 years as Hosting bigg boss. He appears as an astronaut in the first promo of the show and its being rumored that the second promo of bigg boss will be out soon in which he will be portraying his SULTAN look as a wrestler and also speaking in Haryanavi accent.  Hence this is all now from us regarding Bigg boss 10 host name and we expect you loved this post. Do let us know your views on this topic in the comment section below. Also share this exciting news of Salman khan as bigg boss 10 host using the social sharing buttons on various platforms like facebook,twitter,g+ etc. Till then have a great day ahead.
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Latest Bigg Boss 10 Promo out now | Watch and Download bigg boss promo 2016

Bigg Boss 10 is finally back wth their bashing 10th season for this year. Bigg boss has been running successfully as India's greatest reality TV show since 9 years and is coming soon with their another rocking 10th season. All the Bigg boss fans have been waiting for this since one year as this year there is something different and special in the show format than the previous seasons. With the launch of the first promo of bigg boss 10 it has become the most trending buzz of the town and each and everyone are now talking and thinking about Bigg boss and you definitely need to know why so. So lets watch the bigg boss 10 promo featuring salman khan below.

Every year as there are many seasons for fruits like for mangoes,apples etc similarly there is a season of bigg boss, yes you heard me right. Every year wait for the months of sep and October so that they could watch their favorite reality tv show with their favorite and hardcore host "SALMAN KHAN". But wait if instead of only watching the show if you are given a chance to participate in the show as bigg boss 10 contestants then what would be your reaction ? Yeah we know you are excited but its true. This season will be entirely different than the past seasons as in bigg boss 10 it will include the common women and men :) .

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bigg boss season 10 promo

Watch the Latest Bigg boss 10 promo featuring salman khan | Download latest bigg boss promo :

Here is the latest tweet by Salman khan and Raj nayak stating the comeback of bigg boss this year with 10th season. Have a look below and let us know about how you felt about the first promo of bigg boss 10.
Hope you guys loved this new promo of bigg boss season 10 and we would love to see your reactions below in the comment section.

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Bigg boss season 10 promo released | watch promo of bigg boss 10 now :

As the promo is quite impressive and looks this time the 10th season of bigg boss is going to create history by making the common people like you to enter the luxurious bigg boss house instead of celebrities entering the house. The only thing to know the answer to this question is waiting. Let's wait and see who are the people going to enter into the bigg boss season 10 house as participant and who is going to come out as the season 10 winner. Hence this is what we had for you guys through this post regarding watch bigg boss 10 promo and hope you are as much excited for this new season as we are. For further more updates like this keep visiting us as we keep our site fresh and updated with latest content and gossips related to bigg boss season 10. If you loved the content on this page then do support us by sharing this stuff on various social sharing sites like facbook,g+ by using the social sharing buttons below. Join and subscribe to our mail newsletter in the footer below. Till then have a great day and keep watching bigg boss.
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