Bigg Boss 9 4TH January 2016 Written Episode Nomination Special

Bigg Boss 9 4th January 2016 Written Episode NOMINATION Special :

Bigg Boss 9 4TH January 2016 Written Episode Nomination Special

Day 85 


The housemates wake up to the old melody I am a disco artist. Rochelle and Rishab moves to melody, Prince and Kishwar appears to be tragic. 


Rochelle says to Rishab that numerous individuals gave me counsel that by what means if i play are presently gone, Rishab says thats why i dont offer exhortation to anybody, the person who gives guidance get to be washout, do what you need thats best equation, you can just trust Keith. 

mandana says to Priya that you individuals are cheap to the point that you listen my discussion with my sweetheart and examine it, Priya says i didnt listen however Rochelle listened it as it was on speaker, your beau said that he is not glad for you, Mandana says talk was that he said i am pleased with you then i inquired as to whether my family watches appear? he said that they watch it on and off and appreciate it, Priya says everything is examined in house, you additionally do that, Mandana says who the hellfire would you say you are to talk about and say that my family is not glad for me? Priya says you are that Mandana who remarked about my marriage, you said that i ought to give lap move to Rishab, not me but rather your family is not glad for you, i am not turning anything, Rochelle says let me examine it, Priya says Rochelle it would you say you was who begun this theme, you let me know about Mandana's sweetheart's remark, Rochelle says i never talk about group of anybody, Priya says you have twofold principles, you and Keith consented to me, you and Keith were examining Mandana's family and now you need to wind up devi infront of Mandana, Mandana says Keith and Rochelle ought not discuss me, Keith says i recently said that i have same sentiment and left, i didnt talk about it however in the event that somebody asks me that Mandana eats more chicken then i will say that yes, she does, you are nobody to prevent me from giving supposition, Mandana says yet why talk about my gang? Rochelle says Priya needed to light battle by talking about your family with me, its her thought, Mandana says why you get in her trap then? Priya says Rochelle need to spare her ***, Rochelle says atleast i am not warrior cockerel, Priya says yes you are something else, Rochelle says i am miss india, i am wonderful. 


Rochelle says to Keith that when battle was going on, you recently said that you had sentiment and left, Keith says i simply said what i needed, Rochelle says dont yell, Keith brings down his voice, Rochelle says when Priya was battling with me, why you didnt talk up? at the point when Kishwar battles, all stand behind her however when Priya is battling with me, all are chuckling at me and nobody arrives to remain with me, Keith says you are incorrect, Rochelle says you never took stand for me infront of Priya, Keith says i was not included in that dialog, Rochelle says you arrived just, Keith says i pondered Mandana's family with Priya, Rochelle says i never examined it, i only consented to her and you were with me around then yet you didnt even notice in the event that i talked about it or not, she begins to leave, Keith tries to stop her yet Rochelle request that he abandon her, its great i go out this week, she leaves, Keith gets dismal. 


Sovereign offers discipline to Mandana and Priya, he makes them stand opposite one another with their hands on alternate's shoulders. Priya finds the discipline amusing, Prince says you both ought to rehash "you both are fools to the point that talking in english in a weeks ago of appear", Priya and Mandana rehashes it, Priya says Mandana is not putting hand on right spot, she says her spit is going ahead my face, they stand and rehash words, Prince request that mandana leave and request that Priya proceed with discipline as she is not genuine about discipline, Priya says i am making the most of my discipline, why should you let me know how to tolerate it? Sovereign says i am skipper and i am instructing you to quit fooling around, Priya says you are being unreasonable, i didnt talk in enligh more than Mandana and still you are giving me more discipline, now i wont do any work of house, Rishab says to Priya that her stuff will be taken, Priya doesnt tune in. 


Keith says sorry to learn, Rochelle says you suspected that i will pass remarks on somebody's crew? Keith says i thought you talked about it, Rochelle says that implies you ponder individuals? keith says i wasn't right, i am sad, i won't yell at you, he embraces her. 

Priya says to Prince that in the event that you think i am conflicting with standards then here is my stuff, take my make up as well and place me in store room as well and if thats insufficient then put me too there, Rishab ask Priya to not overcompensate, Priya says Prince is constantly inclination when he gets to be commander, she abandons her baggage there. 


Mandana cries, Kishwar ask what was the deal? Mandana i am drained here, individuals discuss my life, my family and my beau, i dont say that its set in stone yet i was clear i clear from begin of show to not get individual life battles, same thing happened with Nora with that zero remark, Rishab says i called myself zero, Mandana says i am not talking in regards to you, on the off chance that you dont wanna listen then go out, Rishab says why should you let me know this? Mandana says you are stating same crap as Priya, Rishab says you are poop, Rochelle sys Rishab what's going on with you? cant you see she is crying? Rishab says fine, Mandana says i am tired of individuals such as Priya, Rishab and this house, Rishab says it doesnt matter to me, Mandana says they hurt alot, Rochelle says to Rishab that you are carrying on frightful, he says OK, Mandana says rishab is creature, Kishwar says you called us creature as well, Mandana says as much what? around then, i thought you individuals are creatures now i think Priya is creature. 

Rishab comes to Priya and says Mandana called us creatures, i was snickering on her, Priya ask who was with her? Rishab says Rochelle and Kishwar, Priya says nor i am amazed neither hurt, Rishab says its to support us just, Priya says let them play. 

Mandana says to Kishwar that did you see Rishab? Kishwar says dont get influenced by his words, its his style to chafe others, dont give him consideration, Rochelle says he is fake, he tries to be somebody who he is most certainly not. 


Assignment Time 

All are remaining in garden.Bigg Boss then declares that there will be open assignments. The front entryway of the house is opened for the second time this season, every housemate is required to select two candidates by composing the craved names on footballs and tossing them out of the house. Priya says its energizing, house entryway is opened, Kishwar jokes if Suyyash is still outside? bigg supervisor request that Kishwar begin selections. 

KISHWAR: she designates PRIYA and says i am her opposition and now she is my opposition, you know methodology, she composes name of Priya on ball and kicks it of entryway, she chooses ROCHELLE and inquire as to whether she is upbeat at this point? she shows ball out in the wake of composing her name. 

RISHAB: Rishab says cool gathering's driving force is Kishwar and she ought to go out, he chooses KISHWAR, Kishwar says i wont go out, Rishab says Prince is my opposition, he selects PRINCE. 

ROCHELLE: Rochelle says Priya is irritating so on the off chance that she goes out then it will be tranquil for us and she is my opposition, she chooses PRIYA. she selects RISHAB and says he doesnt appear to much have much backing from outside. 

MANDANA: Mandana says Rishab may be great from heart yet he says he is individual yet he is juggling between individuals, Priya even said that Rishab utilizes her brain rather than his, she names RISHAB. Mandana says i wanna assign Priya, Priya says she remarks in regards to my family, Mandana says on the off chance that you quit talking then i can choose you, Mandana says she is nasty to the point that she passes remarks on my family, Priya says as though my family is not my gang? Mandana names Priya and tries to give reason yet Priya intrudes on her and says i dont use slangs, i speck get physical, i.. Mandana says she is not permitting me talk, she says Bigg manager sad i cannot do complete this designation, she returns ball, Mandana holds up, Priya says i have give my point so you can proceed with now, Mandana chooses PRIYA, Priya says all know you are fake. 

PRIYA: she assigns KISHWAR, and says she is my opposition, she considers second selection, Kishwar says you are supposing whom to choose? (indicating at Mandana), Priya says i am choosing ROCHELLE, she juggle between individuals such as football, Mandana calls her psycho, she sings minimal, fat psycho, Kishwar giggles at Mandana's shenanigans. 

KEITH: he assigns PRIYA and says she said as much excellent things to Priya furthermore she is my opposition. He designates KISHWAR and says she has given me assignment trophy so now giving her support back. 

Sovereign: Prince says to Priya i have recorded your name upside like your brain is upside down, you attempt to include in all matters which is not right, you attempt to make arrangements and get caught in it just, he chooses PRIYA, Rishab says it doesnt matter, Kishwar says it makes a difference to you most thats why continue saying doesnt matter to you, Rishab says alright close relative, Kishwar says OK grandpa. Sovereign designates RISHAB and says one and only lion can make due in wilderness and he acts like child by wearing fiend's top. 

Bigg supervisor says KEITH, RISHAB, PRIYA, ROCHELLE and KISHWAR, are selected during the current week. 


Rishab that to Rochelle that Keith committed error by not naming Mandana, on the off chance that you had named Mandana then Prince would have assigned her as well, Keith says i figured that Prince wont select Mandana, Kishwar comes and inquire as to why you both didnt designate Mandana? we dont have any hostility however you assigned me, Rishab says why you named me? Kishwar says i didnt select you. 


Mandana tells Rochelle that i have concealed Priya's stole, Rochelle says give it back to her as its er spouse's blessing, they come in washroom territory, Mandana demonstrates her place where she has shrouded it, its behind blurb on garments rack. 

Rochelle comes to Priya and says in the event that i give you your stole in those days will you stay calm for one day? Keith sys she cant, Rochelle says then i wont give stole back, Rochelle brings stole, Rishab requests that her give it